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Paulo Kobylka has a background in architecture and urbanism. His studio is in Londrina, south Brazil.
Graduated at Londrina State University in 2006, Paulo had his graduation work selected for the Opera Prima award. 
After graduating, he joined the Planning and Physical Development Office, at Londrina State University for four years.
In 2010 he founded Studio Paulo Kobylka, focusing on residential and commercial architecture.
Paulo won a Deca Award, in 2012, for a tinny toilet project.
With the PK1 and PK2 release by the English site 
Dezeen in 2014, Paulo received an indication from the German Design Council to run for the German Design Award 2015. The nomination yielded Paul an honorable mention prize.
After that, he focused on product design.
In 2016, his PK6 chair project was also published by 
Dezeen and received an honorable mention at European Product Design Award. The PK6 chair was also finalist nominee at Casa Vogue Design Award.
In his projects, Paulo rethink pre-existing concepts and unite innovation and functionality, inspired by contemporary aesthetic references from different areas such as photography, fashion and music.


43 3324-3541 - Rua Belo Horizonte 840

A1001. CEP 86020-060   Londrina - PR / Brasil


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