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Status: Study

Local: Londrina - PR / Brazil

Date: 2012

Area: 256m²

Architecture: Paulo Kobylka

Rendering: GR Lima e PK

The WP House is inspired by urban occupation on steep slopes. The house basic scheme was disposed in a unique space, which is sheltered by a single slab that holds the different functions of the house. That structure would require a huge volume to hold up a slab over the terrain, or even to support this slab over it, which would require a great earthmoving and strong retaining walls.
We then started to analyze the surrounding area in which the terrain itself is found. We could search for a hint from the own context to solve this problem. Something genuine. The site is placed on a central area of Londrina, southern Brasil, whose topography full of slopes is a strong feature. All the topography of this area converges to a big plateau full of trees, a public space where physical and cultural activities are developed. There is also a concrete acoustic shell, which houses musical and artistical performances. The audience attends to these shows seated on a big open air bleacher, placed on a high declive, which profits from this slope to incorporate this function.
That was the concept we achieved to design the house. A building that has a minimum impact on topography. More than that, to allow the site itself to suggest the housing spacial scheme. The bleacher is our main design concept. Each step of it is an ambient, and houses a function for the residence. They are formed by plateaus in metal structure and wood flooring, connected by small stairs.
The ceiling structures, also in metal structure, covers all the ambients and creates different privacy levels, as it distances from the plateaus. The bedroom is places at the higher level of the terrain, also closer to the ceiling, creating the more intimate ambient. From the huge windows of the house, it is possible to see the dense surrounding vegetation and the structure of the acoustic shell in concrete. The context that generated the house can be enjoyed from all of its ambients.

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