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PK8 e PK9

The designer wanted to impress an affective tie to the architecture project of his father medical clinic - and because it was a waiting room for patients, it was mandatory to be a welcoming space also when it came to design.
"I rescued memories of my childhood that remind me of places, stories and people. Consequently, cozy moments. This is the case of matelassê, for example. As a child, the texture of the matelassê in the car upholstery attracted my attention. Generally linear and orthogonal textures”, he says. Paulo took this memory to his new creations, drawing a series of more sinuous lines to cover the back.

Another memory is the manual embroidery made by his grandmothers, with colored lines, to decorate towels and wipes. In furniture, Paulo Kobylka uses industrial embroidery on the luminaire domes. This embroidery represents a popular knowledge that his mother used to do: she collected the petals of ‘Beijinho’, Impatiens walleriana, and infused with alcohol. "This mixture, she said, was good for reducing inflammation when we were bitten by mosquitoes", he says.