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The idea was developed from the main utility of a traditional pillow, which is being versatile in its using ways, especially when we have a group of them.
The project has piled up these pillows, tighten them with a belt and placed the whole piece over wheels. The purpose is to maximize the variety of uses a pillow can stand for.
The poufs can be assembled in different patterns, according to ones needs, which makes it ideal for ambients requiring versatility and mobility on layout.
The small piece is 60 per 60cm (PK4), while the large one measures 120 in its length, per 60 width (PK5). Each part of the puff is stacked and wrapped in leather belts, that stands to keep them assembled, as well as a handle to carry them wherever you want.
After deciding its new location on your layout, just lower the brakes of the wheels and it’ll be immobile at the new position.

Photos: Renan Klippel